Webware for Python 2

Python 2 Web Application Toolkit

A Time-Tested Open Source Server Side Web Framework for Python 2
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Versions for Python 2:
Download Webware 1.2.3
Download DBUtils 1.3


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Introduction to Webware: Developing Web Applications in Python

Jason Hildebrand's Intro at LinuxTag 2002 includes graphics and a detailed introduction to MiddleKit. (11/2002)

Introduction to Webware for Python

This paper by Chuck Esterbrook, which was presented and published at the Python 9 conference, gives an introduction to the origin of Webware with high level comparisons to CGI and Zope. A detailed introduction to the app server is included. (03/2001)

Webware for Python: An Overview (PDF)

This PowerPoint presentation was presented by Geoff Talvola at the Python 10 conference. It is a broad overview of Webware, but focuses especially on the app server and writing WebKit applications. (2/12/2002)

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